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Dr. Emma Pascal Wilder

Hi, I'm Dr. Emma Wilder -

Naturopathic Doctor with a functional approach for neurodegenerative conditions and healthy aging

You deserve a doctor who listens and looks at the whole picture. Who is invested in your quality of life, heathy and vitality. Who doesn't accept chronic pain, memory loss, weight gain and fatigue as the inevitable aging process.

Thank you for being here!

Patient Experiences

"I first began my journey with Dr. Wilder with her extraordinary knowledge on helping me take charge of my health thru every aspect of daily life. Helping to heal from chronic degeneration, arthritis, and auto immune. step by step I began to feel better in months what conventional medicine could not do in 15 years!..."


"Dr. Emma is the blessing I needed... She is taking time to hear you and address what it is your body needs for true natural healing, not a bottle of pills that only hide and cover up the underlying triggers. If you are considering working with Dr. Emma you will not regret it..."


You are in the right place if:

  • You want to be seen as an individual

  • You want to do more than manage your symptoms; you want to regain your quality of life and vitality

  • You're tired of medication side effects and want safe, alternative treatments

  • You are ready to make changes to transform your life

Herbs & Nutraceuticals

Herbs are a safe and effective treatment option for a variety of conditions. This is paired with targeted, high quality extracts and supplements.

Functional testing

Individualized medicine requires a detailed understanding of what's going on in your body. Get answers and results with functional testing.

Nutrition & Lifestyle

Food, nature, movement, social connections and life purpose are all medicine. I make specific recommendations for each individual.